Explore Pismo Beach


This classic beach town is located on California's famous central coast, half way between San Francisco and Los Angeles along Pacific Coast Coast and 101 Highways. We offer long white beaches for taking a pleasant stroll or for just enjoying the spectacular views of the Pismo Beach sunset. Enjoy Pismo Beach's great weather and fabulous area wineries.

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» September 24-27th: Savor the Central Coast

Volvo Presents Sunset SAVOR the Central Coast is a four-day culinary exploration, September 24-27th, that invites you to experience the food, wine, and lifestyle of this extraordinary region. With its prime location halfway between Los Angeles and San Francisco, Volvo Presents Sunset SAVOR the Central Coast stands out as an amazing getaway on its own. Now, you can also plan your own Central Coast vacation with our new Volvo Presents Sunset SAVOR the Central Coast VIP Getaway Package, the ultimate way to experience California's Central Coast wine, food, and lifestyle as well as tips and tricks to create your own piece of the Central Coast at home.

The Volvo Presents Sunset SAVOR the Central Coast Weekend includes Adventure Tours , Special Events & Dinners , and the weekend's Main Event . Starting on Thursday, take part in unique Adventure Tours including a behind-the-scenes tour of Halter Ranch Vineyards, a visit with majestic Clydesdales, a tour of a sustainable abalone farm along on the coast, and so much more. Sunset magazine experts will guide you through these Adventure Tours , offering you an intimate experience where you will learn about some of the region's most unforgettable offerings.

Saturday and Sunday's Main Event is a playground of culinary delights and adventure activities with cooking demonstrations by celebrity and master chefs, wine tasting and seminars, beer and music gardens, and a host of special activities. Sunset's editors are your expert guides as you get great tips on food, wine, travel, and more. Unlimited food and wine tasting ensures you have ample opportunity to sample and explore the bounty of California's Central Coast.

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